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Fabrics and Coatings

Fabrics and Coatings
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Fabrics and Coatings

Our technical staff at Trann Technologies Fabrics and Coatings Division offers the many benefits and extensive experience we have gained from over 50 years of combined abilities and capabilities in processing and coating applications.

We offer practical and economical solutions to coating problems. These can be invaluable assets during initial product development and project start up.

Our vast knowledge of fabrics and coatings and how they perform can dramatically reduce the amount of test product generated and initial costs.

Methodical approaches to production start up and problem solving means that all processing is carefully studied and receives minute attention to detail. Accurate record keeping of all production runs, with continued testing during each run, assures consistent repeatability to guarantee compliance and satisfaction.

Additionally, our knowledge of the chemical and fabric industries provide our customers with a database of information for development of new products and methods of enhancing existing products.

Trann Technologies Fabrics and Coatings Division will always offer to our customers our extensive flexibility, sophisticated equipment, updated manufacturing capabilities with total confidence to deliver all products with complete assurance of the highest quality.

Trann Tech has sought the most technically advanced and versatile equipment available. We continually upgrade to ensure that we are at the leading edge of ever expanding market demands. The links to the left contain descriptions of various fabrics and materials we have processed and our expert use of different coatings that have been applied to those substrates.

If the combination you are seeking is not listed please contact us. Our dedicated management and technical staff will consult with you and are confident that we can assist you with your challenging requests.

Trann Tech performs coating processes with water based or 100% solid chemicals. We are sensitive to environmental concerns. Our extensive experience with a wide range of chemicals has allowed us to find suitable replacements for solvent based chemicals.