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Fabrics and Coatings

Fabrics and Coatings
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Industrial Fabrics Fire Retardants
Applications of fire retardant chemicals to fiberglass for welding blankets, barriers, protective shields, protective wear, gloves, etc.

Chemical applications can be urethane, acrylic, vermiculite, neoprene, silicone, pigmented acrylic or Teflon.

Industrial Fabrics Silicones and more
Applications of silicones, PVC or urethane to fabrics to be used for conveyor belts, roll covering materials and barrier fabrics.

Industrial Fabrics Tires
Applications of specialized chemical to fabrics used to manufacture tires.


Industrial Fabrics Sandpaper

Applications to cotton and polyester fabric substrates of highly specialized coatings to strengthen and increase stiffness for use in sandpaper and abrasion disks.