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Fabrics and Coatings
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Unwinding Systems

Listed below is a brief description of our equipment that is currently in use. Newly developed equipment is continually added to our processing systems.

A Variety of our Unwinding Systems

Fabrics and raw materials that can be shipped to us on any diameter core for center bar let off.

Large Roll A-frame.
Zero tension let off for delicate fabrics.
Multi stand let off for small lot rolls.
Fabric accumulation for continuous coating without stopping for roll change over.
Computerized tension adjustment stand to ensure consistent coating.

Unique and proprietary Combination Knife Coater and Submerged Roll Coating.
This unit offers:
Knife Over Roll
Floating Knife
Knife over machined gap table
Knife over foam bed
Adjustable chemical retaining trough
Bi-directional submerged roll coating
Variety of different knife profiles

Our Unwinding Systems are used for fabrics with stable widths. The versatility allows for both sides of the fabric to be coated at the same time with the same or different chemicals.

Multi functional Padding, Laminating and Vertical Coating System.
This unit features the following:
Immersion Padding with quick change immersion pan
Fabric to fabric lamination with chemical binding
Immersion and vertical coating for delicate fabric

Parallel Tenter Entry with Overfeeding Capability.
This prevents mispins and skewness of pinned selvages while providing consistent tension

Unique and proprietary On-Frame Knife Coater
includes the following features:
Knife over roll
Floating knife
Knife over foam bed
Knife over machined gap table
Adjustable chemical retaining trough
Variety of different knife profiles and widths

Our equipment is exceptional and effective for fabrics that may have tendency to narrow when linear tension is applied. It also allows fabrics to be coated at a stretched point, which can increase seam strength.